She is sunrise and quiet mornings. He is sunsets and late nights. She is dark chocolate and he is ice cream (always vanilla). She is classical music and he is Top 40. She likes it cool and he prefers it hot. He loves the mountains and she loves the ocean. But, she'd choose the mountains with him over the ocean alone, and he almost always let's her choose the radio station. She turned him into a coffee drinker and he cultivated her love of red wine. Infinitely different, yet, always better together. 

Jon & Amber LEa

optimist, lover of opera

Him:INFP, Innovator, planner,BBQ Conniossuer 

Meet the team

Our partnership is planted in faith, rooted in love and fed with hope. 

As you step out in faith with one another by saying "I do" to marriage, we pray that you find a love that grows as you approach your wedding day and feast on the hope your future will bring. We believe that marriage is hard, but we also believe that it is worth it. We are wedding photographers that believe marriage means saying "I do" every day. 

The foundation of our relationship is planted in our faith in Jesus Christ. It drives everything we do. Love is faith in action, and we strive to love each other and the people that we encounter in real and tangible ways. We are always hopeful for the future and the goodness it brings with it. When the day to day trials begin to dampen our spirit, we feed ourselves on the hope we have in Jesus. 

Faith      Love    Hope

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