Lauren & Matt

their story

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 Lauren was a free spirit, a writer, making a stop in her home town to wait out that painful, post college period of looking for her dream job. She didn't plan to stay. It was just temporary. Until she met Matt....
  Matt was settled into his career as a firefighter. He had bought his first house and was enjoying his life in the desert. He first noticed Lauren when she was singing on the stage during worship at church. She sparkled; bright eyes, and winning smile. He watched from a far for nearly a year before mustering courage to talk to her. 
  Lauren had begun to notice Matt. How he was the one who stayed behind to clean up after events. How he served those around him with patience and kindness.

Lauren eventually tricked Matt into their first date. They made plans to watch Dexter at her apartment because her roommate wouldn't watch it with her and she was too nervous to watch it alone. Matt arrived with dinner he'd made (it was delicious!) and it turns out Lauren didn't need to trick him at all. Matt knew since the beginning that she was the one for him. After having a crush on her for a year, he'd had a lot of time to think it over. 

   Family was important to both of them, and since San Diego had been very special to Matt growing up he wanted to share that with her by having their engagement session in one of his favorite places.