Victorya & Gabe

their story

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   Early this summer, Gabe bought two skydiving tickets and took Victorya on the adventure of a lifetime. Down on the ground, his friends, family and future father-in-law tacked down a giant sign for Victorya to see as she came in from her jump, asking her to marry Gabe. After jumping out of a plane together, saying I do to forever was an easy yes for Victorya!

  Victorya and Gabe don’t have many memories that don’t include each other. Growing up together their love has had years to grow into something truly beautiful. 10 years of friendship, 7 years as a couple, 3 separate proms, 1 dog and countless memories, this is a love that transcends time and trends. The years to come are going to add even more memorable moments to that number count and we can’t wait to see how they all add up!