Amber & JOn

Wedding Photographers, Adventurers, Best Friends & BBQ Connoisseurs 


Heads together, hands entwined.

We met when we were 18. Jon was leaning against the door frame in the entrance to a classroom at church, hands tucked into the pockets of his white jeans (it was the 90’s, don’t judge) with hair that waved in a curl across his forehead. I’d never seen eyes so blue. He was quiet, face earnest. Without really talking to many people, he peeled out of the parking lot in a ‘68 Mustang, in a cloud of gas fumes and squealing tires. I thought he was such a bad boy. I’d flirt. Maybe I was terrible at it...he says it was because I had a boyfriend...but he never flirted back. 

Time passed, 10 years to be exact, and one morning, walking into that same church after years away, I heard my name. And there he was. Eyes twinkling, with an easy smile...and I knew from his welcoming hug, that this quiet, thoughtful man - who was definitely not a bad boy - was the other half of me. 

It's how we go through life

14 years of marriage, 4 kids, hundreds of kitchen dance parties and countless adventures later, we have built a life and business based on the two things that matter to us most: Love & Service. 

A few of our favorites

Our Children

Ollie, Franklin, Louisa & Milo - adventuring with these 4 has changed us for the better. We have learned to delight in simple pleasures, like ice cream for breakfast and staying in your pj’s on your day off. 

A few of our favorites

Our Puppies

3 dogs is a lot. But what can I say, we have a lot of love to go around. Also, Amber is not allowed anywhere near a pet adoption event….

A few of our favorites

Long hikes & picnic lunches

Our first date was a hike and picnic lunch and it remains our favorite way to connect 15 years later. 

A few of our favorites

Road Trips

We love a good road trip. Singing along to the radio, books on tape, conversations while we hold hands and dream of the future. Sometimes the ride to get where we are going is better than the destination. 


The Wedding Process

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We believe wedding photography is more than just hiring someone to take pictures, it is about thoughtfully telling the story of your relationship through images that reflect the love that you share. We will set up a time to connect and chat about the two of you and the experience you want for your wedding. 



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After your consultation, we'll send an online proposal that will allow you to review and sign an agreement that has everything we discussed in writing. Once you pay your 50% retainer*--your date is officially reserved! *Payment plans are available. Just ask! 

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Think of this as the wedding day warm up. We want our time with you on your wedding day to feel effortless, so we use the engagement session to learn about your likes and dislikes. When your day finally arrives we can focus on creating images that feel natural and not staged. 

Engagement Session


Something that makes us different is that in addition to Jon and I capturing your wedding, we always include a third assistant. Serving you on your wedding day is one our favorite things, and having an assistant to keep things moving allows us to serve you better. Throughout the day, we will direct as necessary, but often, we will step back to document the quiet moments that happen in between, because often most beautiful parts of a love story are the ones that most people don’t see. 

Wedding Day


Within 4-6 weeks you will receive your online wedding gallery where you will be able to download images in high resolution, and of course instantly share your day with family and friends. We encourage you to share a glass of wine as you relive your day. Album designs, should you order an album, will be sent shortly after you receive your gallery and you can begin the customization process. 



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We believe in marrying your best friend. We believe in serving one another in a way that becomes so second nature it spills over into service of others. We believe in holding on to each other through good times and tightening your grip on each other in hard times. He is your anchor when the sea of life is rough, and you are his wind, pushing him to try new and scary things. Together, you are better and you just get stronger with each new experience you share.

Undying Devotion

Classic Elegance 

We believe that classic style is more than just fashion, it is having the grace to make those around you feel welcome and comfortable. It is more than an elegant dinner, it is finding art in unexpected places and celebrating the commitment an artist has to their craft. It is handwritten notes and thoughtful gifts. It is delighting in moments that are real, drawing towards authentic connections and shunning trends, because classic elegance will all ways be in style. 

We believe that romance lives in quiet moments and not in grand gestures. It is in comfortable silence and in finishing each other's sentences. Romance is standing shoulder to shoulder, stepping on each other’s toes as you work alongside each other. It is being her rock, while she is your soft place to land. Romance is looking back and seeing how far you have come, while still being excited for how far you will go.