What is your favorite Tucson wedding venue? This question is one of our favorite ones to answer because we have so many that we love. We often think of Tucson as being desert. It’s what our city is known for, right? But there are so many ways to enjoy a wedding in our city and […]

I don’t know it if is true of all wedding photographers, but a lot of us love wedding cake. As a matter of fact, we become sort of experts on wedding cake, since we often have to sample a slice at each wedding we photograph…for, you know, market research. Through extensive fieldwork (ahem), I got to […]

Being a desert girl, finding an abundance of trees and grass can only be done by traveling outside the state of Arizona, so I was pretty thrilled when Joe and Joanna wanted me to photograph their wedding in Missouri. The midwest has grass and trees everywhere you look, and apparently all that green comes with lots of […]

These two. I knew within 10 minutes of meeting them, that if they didn’t choose me to be their photographer, I was going to have to figure out a way to get invited to their wedding. Mindy and Rene are my brand of fun! Fortunately for me, they felt the same and their engagement session just […]



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