May 31, 2019

Choosing an Engagement Session Location | Tucson, Arizona

It’s no secret, Tucson is beautiful. When it comes to finding an engagement session location, people come from all over to use our desert as a backdrop for their photos. But Tucson is more than just desert! There are so many places to choose from for your engagement photos, its possible to get a little bit of everything in your engagement shoot if you plan it well!

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but your engagement session shouldn’t add to the stress of the season. We believe your engagement photos should be a chance to reconnect; a chance to fall even more in love with each other than the day that all-important ring went on your left hand.

One of the best ways to ensure that you enjoy your session is to choose an engagement session location that you love! That can be hard to do when you live a place like Tucson and have so many options! Here are our top 5 tips!

Tip 1 – Go back to where it all started.

Every relationship starts somewhere, and there is something special about reliving those first moments during your engagement session. Take a few minutes to reminisce. Laugh over his corny opening line. Remember how it felt to slip your hand over hers for the first time. Nothing brings back those early flutters of love like a trip down memory lane.

Tip 2 – Make it special.

Choose a location that is special to you both. Maybe you love going to the movies together? Take photos outside the old movie theater downtown! Are you both bibliophiles? Grab a favorite book and a blanket, or make a stop at a local bookshop (shout out to Bookman’s who are always down for photos in their rad stores!) Love sushi? Hit up your favorite spot and grab a few photos. Most restaurants welcome the chance to be in a few images and love sharing in part in your love story. Of course, it’s always a good idea to give them a call ahead of time to make sure there are no conflicts!

Tap & Bottle first date location. Engagement photo by Amber Lea Photography.

Tip 3 – Get outside!

We live in a beautiful state! From Tucson alone, a quick hour’s drive can find you from pine trees to giant rock formations. You can easily land at a vineyard or lake within about the same timeframe. And, of course, there is always plenty of cacti to be found around town. We also love exploring our historic downtown for an urban vibe if that’s more your thing.

Engagement session at Watson Lake In Prescott, Arizona by Amber Lea Photography.

Tip 4 – Remember to check for restrictions!

Some of the coolest places require permits for photography! If you love a particular spot, make sure you check for any restrictions and have a backup plan in place in case that permit doesn’t arrive in time. Speaking of restrictions, don’t forget that light will change throughout the year, so a favorite spot might not have the best light during the time you want to go. Your photographer is a specialist in finding the light, so trust them if they have suggestions for different engagement session location.

Tip 5 – Destination sessions are never a bad idea!

Sometimes in the stress of planning a wedding, it is helpful to get away and spend some time together! Destination sessions aren’t always feasible, but if you can coordinate one with your photographer, it is still lovely to have photos together from a special vacation. Even if you can’t get out of town, make sure you take time after your session to have a date. After all, your both dressed up, makeup and hair are on point, and there is something special about spending the rest of your evening planning for your future together!

Have any special locations that you want to share? Let us know in a comment below. We love our city and are always excited to explore places we haven’t yet experienced!

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