January 16, 2021

5 Ways to Improve Your About Page

5 Ways to Improve Your About Page

“This has to be the hardest thing to write in the history of…well, ever!” – That’s the opening to an email I received last week with the subject line, HELP, written out in all caps. They weren’t wrong! Writing about yourself is one of the hardest things to do, especially for your website! It feels like it should be easy, right? After all, it is YOU and YOUR brand that you are writing for. But instead of words flowing easily, the intimidating flash of a cursor against a blank screen prompts a cobbled collection of stiff words and phrases. Words that tell about you but don’t sound like you. The good news is, with some guidance, engaging about page content can be written. Here are 5 tips to improve your about page.

Improve your About Page by Sharing Your StoryGet A Better About Page Tip 1 from Amber Lea Russell Copywriter

It’s no secret, we buy from brands that we trust, and trust is built when we feel like we know the person we are buying from. No matter what your industry is, your story is the one thing you have that your competitor doesn’t – so use it to your advantage. Here’s the trick, though – don’t share the whole story.  It’s rarely a good idea to dump years of history on anyone when you first meet them, so don’t do it on your website either! Just tell the beginning, and let social media, your personal interactions, and blog fill in the rest of the details. Your true fans (those people buying from you) will already be following along and reading every word.

Keep it On-Brand

Get A Better About Page Tip 2 from Amber Lea Russell Copywriter

Just because it’s part of who you are, doesn’t mean you have to share it on your website. Look, I am passionately devoted to Chipotle’s veggie bowl (extra guac), but it’s not going on my website because it doesn’t have anything to do with my brand. Yes, your about page is about you, but it’s also about your client. They need to see themselves in what you are offering, so think of them before you share.

Share to Connect

Get A Better About Page Tip 3 from Amber Lea Russell Copywriter

You have to connect before you can convert. The purpose of any website is to get a potential client to take action. Maybe that is to buy the item you are selling, or perhaps it’s to submit a contact form, but for most buyers, taking action needs trust. Trust comes from social proof – that means showing them what you can do for them. And it also probably means less quirky lists of your favorite Taylor Swift songs and more about how you can solve their problem with your unique solution. A great website takes a user through a connected experience, where each page furthers the brand’s mission. Your about page can’t be a sharp departure from the mission (no matter how true to you that it may be!) and still inspire trust.

Put the Important Information at the Top

Get A Better About Page Tip 4 from Amber Lea Russell Copywriter

Digital Information World studied human attention span, and it turns out, we have a shorter attention span than a goldfish. Yeah. Kind of disheartening, right? But hey, you’re halfway through this article, and you’ve already surpassed the average, so High Fives to you! What does this mean for you? Don’t save the good stuff, that meaty message that shares your mission and heart for your brand, for the bottom of the page. For your connecting content to be seen and appreciated, make sure it is placed above the fold.  If you haven’t heard this phrase before, it applies to the amount of a website that can be seen before initiating a scroll. Basically, it’s a fancy way to say at the top, so make sure the content that needs to be seen gets a prime position on your About Page.

Understand the Affect Words Have

Get A Better About Page Tip 5 from Amber Lea Russell Copywriter

Connection that influences a purchase is created through the tone of your copy. To do this, you need to evoke emotion in your reader that propels them towards action. Simple word swaps that compel an emotional response can be a simple audit on your website that greatly impacts your brand message. Words like help rather than assist and enjoyment vs. gratification are easy swaps to make that allow your readers to have a more emotional connection to the copy on your website. Lost for words that make an emotional impact? You can find an extensive list HERE.

If you want some support in creating content for your About Page, I’d love for you to shoot me an email or maybe even book a one-hour Website Audit? From quick tips to improve your about page copy to strengthening your brand message, these 60 – minute calls are packed with information! If you have any other questions, I welcome your comments below!

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