July 30, 2016

Aaron & Josie [Desert Engagement Session]

This is my friend Aaron with Aaron Trembly Photography. We met about two years ago when I was photographing a wedding for one of his friends. He is one of those guys that is easy to talk to and comfortable to be around. He is a drummer in the worship band at his church, is a guru for all things Apple, and a really good friend to everyone he knows. I was so excited to see that he had found Josie and I have enjoyed watching his love grow for her through his photos on Facebook and Instagram. A few weeks ago, knowing Jon was going to be on travel for his day job as an engineer, I planned some shoots to keep me busy and I approached Aaron about taking photos of him with Josie. He then told me  a secret. He was planning on proposing to Josie sometime in the next few weeks and we could take actual engagement photos! We set the date and I began to stalk his pages waiting for news of his proposal! You can read their proposal story here. It is perfect and so them!

Wednesday evening we had plans to head up Mount Lemmon and beat the heat but as I headed out the door I looked up and saw the clouds gathering to the east  and it was dark my friends. I looked west and the sky was pretty clear so we made the decision to move from the mountains to the desert and try to beat the monsoon. I kept one eye on the road and one eye on the rearview mirror. Those clouds kept coming! I pulled into our meeting spot and stepped out of the car expecting to be hit with our usually desert heat mixed with monsoon laced humidity, but it was surprisingly cool and there was a light breeze. No sooner did Aaron and Josie arrive and we had some pretty intense wind! The damp air and light rain we were having gave the desert the most intense golden orange light for our session. It was moody and beautiful and so suited to these two and the love they share.

At one point the rain drops began to fall and rather than run for cover they danced in the rain, and swayed with the wind. As they held each other they both stopped and called out in unison, “Look! Rainbow!” We turned around and there, under the symbol of God’s unfailing promise, kissed by the setting sun, we captured one of my favorite images to date.


Thank you friends for the gift of capturing your love for each other! I can’t wait to see how you grow together and use your relationship to bless others!



Amber Lea


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  1. John ness says:

    There is no one but our glorious Father who could orchestrate this union and give the beauty of the place with the Union of His plan in two of His calling. Blessed be His Name!!!

  2. Aunt Tina says:

    Love is so great and I’m glad you found it in each other. Please remember to thank God for the love you know and now so graciously share. Blessings to you both!

  3. Grandma Ness says:

    God is love! We can all be happy in His love that we share.
    May your love last forever. Can’t wait to meet you Aaron.
    Lot’s of love, Grandma

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