September 11, 2016

Aaron & Josie Part 2 [Mountain Top Engagement Session]

Oh friends! You have to know the almost comical story of how this session took place! Back in July, Aaron and Josie and I encountered a crazy monsoon storm that cut their engagement session to a fast 30 minutes but gifted us some gorgeous rainy images and a beautiful rainbow. If you want to read about it, you can find their session HERE. We tried for a month, week by week to schedule a make up session, and each week, a monsoon would sweep in and we’d push it back yet again. Last week, we decided to go for it and and I so glad we did, we got a little rain, but mostly just moody skies and the most epic double rainbows ever! I really hope we get a little rain and some rainbows for their December wedding, and keep up this theme of God’s unending blessings being heaped upon these two!

Mount Lemmon is forever a favorite spot for us desert folk. Who can resist a place that temperatures drop 20 degrees and your surroundings change from cactus to lush trees and little grass meadows. The evening light on Windy Point will always be a sort of muse for me. There is nothing quit like it. Soft, golden-pink light, defused by the haze from the city below. It is magical. Tucson is an incredible place to live y’all!

These two creative souls are so encouraging to be around. They are two of the most raw and transparent people you will meet. They live their lives authentically and that authenticity pours out into all their interactions. Jon and I can’t wait to see how they share their story at their wedding. Thank you Aaron and Josie for trusting us with these moments. We are so thankful for you both!

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