June 3, 2015

Amanda&Stephen [Tucson Resort Wedding at The Westin La Paloma]

When I sat down with Amanda and Stephen to meet with them for their wedding, Amanda pulled out a 3 inch, tabulated binder, and I knew I was going to have lots of lovely details to capture.  I was not disappointed!  They put so much work into planning every detail and I loved seeing her vision come together!

My favorite moments at weddings are always those that pulse with emotion and Amanda and Stephen’s wedding was over flowing with love and joy. It was the perfect day and I loved reliving it as I worked on Stephen and Amanda’s images this past week.

Mr. and Mrs. Hall, thank you for having me capture your wedding. I just love you both. Stephen, you touched me with your ability to connect meaningfully with everyone you meet. Amanda, your genuine interest in getting to know me as a friend is a testimony to your heart for caring for people. Seeing how many people count you as dear friends makes me so thankful that I know you both. God bless you both in your marriage and your future together!

There were some awesome VIPS helping to pull of this wedding:

Dress by Oleg Cassani

 Wedding Coordination by Cherie Swanson at La Paloma

Hair was by Laura Maxon with Crowning Glory

Flowers by  Donette Bays

Cake was from Nadine’s Bakery

Last, but not least, huge thanks to my girl Kimberly with Lilie Photography for assisting me!
2015-06-02_00662015-06-02_0076 2015-06-02_0078
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2015-06-02_00752015-06-02_0053 2015-06-02_0052  2015-06-02_0062 2015-06-02_0063

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