June 17, 2016

Anh & Bryan [Mountain Top Couples Session]

A few weeks ago we were at an industry event for wedding professionals and the subject of promo photos came up. Anh and Bryan of WestEnd Photography mentioned they needed photos so I quickly threw our name into the mix, I mean, how adorable are these two?! The chance to photograph another husband and wife team who function so similarly to ours was a opportunity I  didn’t want to pass up! When Anh told me that she had booked Heather Van Houten for her hair and make up in preparation for our session, I may have squealed just a little! I am so thankful they chose us to capture their photos for their new brand they are developing. It was so lovely to connect with another couple who has similar hopes and dreams, who know the struggle of balancing work and home life, who just loves to be together and is working toward the dream of being able to do that full time.

We took a drive up to Wind Point on Mount Lemmon for their session, looking to capture both the adventurous spirit of their branding but also a bit of a desert vibe. The city views of Tucson below the large boulders have always been one of my favorite parts about this spot. As I look at these images I am amazed at how close to the edge of that cliff we got for these images. Afterwards, Bryan confessed that he was shaking from the height. I absolutely love that he was willing to push aside his reservations to allow us to capture the images that we envisioned. I might be imagining it, but I think it looks like they are clinging a little bit more tightly to each other in them, and isn’t that what marriage should look like? When life takes you to the edge of something scary, you should cling to your partner and conquer it together!

Thank you both for trusting us in the process! I can’t wait to see how you incorporate these into your new brand!


Amber Lea & Jon

mountain_top_couple's_session_white_lace_dresss_Blue_suit_04 mountain_top_couple's_session_white_lace_dresss_Blue_suit_01 mountain_top_couple's_session_white_lace_dresss_Blue_suit_05 mountain_top_couple's_session_white_lace_dresss_Blue_suit_02 mountain_top_couple's_session_white_lace_dresss_Blue_suit_06 mountain_top_couple's_session_white_lace_dresss_Blue_suit_03 mountain_top_couple's_session_white_lace_dresss_Blue_suit_07 mountain_top_couple's_session_white_lace_dresss_Blue_suit_09 mountain_top_couple's_session_white_lace_dresss_Blue_suit_08 mountain_top_couple's_session_white_lace_dresss_Blue_suit_15 mountain_top_couple's_session_white_lace_dresss_Blue_suit_16 mountain_top_couple's_session_white_lace_dresss_Blue_suit_12 mountain_top_couple's_session_white_lace_dresss_Blue_suit_11 mountain_top_couple's_session_white_lace_dresss_Blue_suit_17 mountain_top_couple's_session_white_lace_dresss_Blue_suit_13 mountain_top_couple's_session_white_lace_dresss_Blue_suit_14 mountain_top_couple's_session_white_lace_dresss_Blue_suit_18 mountain_top_couple's_session_white_lace_dresss_Blue_suit_19 mountain_top_couple's_session_white_lace_dresss_Blue_suit_20 mountain_top_couple's_session_white_lace_dresss_Blue_suit_21 mountain_top_couple's_session_white_lace_dresss_Blue_suit_22 mountain_top_couple's_session_white_lace_dresss_Blue_suit_10

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