October 9, 2016

Anna & Jason [Mount Lemmon Maternity Session]

I don’t know how many times I stopped in my tracks during my session with Anna and Jason and blurted out “Anna! You are so beautiful!” It wasn’t just her natural beauty that radiated around her, it was her quiet gentle spirit, her easy laughter and her joy at being a mother that made this session so amazing. At one point I was so taken with photographing her among some wild flowers we found that I realized I hadn’t added Jason into any photos at that spot and called him to come over, “it’s ok,” he assured me “I love watching her in her element”. Their connection was lovely to watch, and their excitement over their little girl is so evident in the way they talk about her.

Anna and Jason were amazingly adventurous, climbing over rocks and on top of fallen trees. I learned that Anna was a rock climber and was missing going for a climb. I have never seen an expectant mother move so nimbly from rock to rock! I am thankful she was willing to venture on to some of my preferred spots at Windy Point because the images we captured are some of my most favorite maternity images yet! As always Windy Point didn’t disappoint with the glowy desert light and we ended the session with one of Tucson’s deep orange sunsets.

The team at Heather Van Houten Hair and Makeup did an amazing job as usual with Taylor Walker on makeup and Chelsea Curry on hair. I always love working with these ladies!

Anna and Jason I can’t wait to meet your daughter when she arrives! Thank you for sharing this precious stage of life with me!


Amber Lea

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