February 26, 2018

Books Worth Reading Again and Again

Books Worth Reading Again and Again

Have you ever played that ice-breaker, Three Books You’d Want to Have With You on a Deserted Island? Naturally, our minds jump to books worth reading again and again. My answers always change based on the books that are influencing me at the moment. Here is a list of books worth reading again and again that I chose because of how they inspire me. Whether I am looking for the right words, or need to jump into a creative space, these are my go-to!

Non-Fiction Books Worth Reading Again

River of Doubt – This book chronicles the journey of President Theodore Roosevelt’s exploration of the Amazon jungle. Fresh off the defeat of his bid for reelection to a third term, President Roosevelt copes with his disappointment, with an expedition to one of the most dangerous places on earth. I love biographies and adventure, and his manner of dealing with defeat is inspiring.

Fiction Books Worth Reading Again

Ann of Green Gables -“It’s been my experience that you can nearly always enjoy things if you make up your mind firmly that you will.” Oh Anne. You say it well. Anytime I am in need of cheery optimism, and delicious prose, Lucy Maud Montgomery is a favorite.

Harry Potter)  – Look, I don’t want to narrow it down to just one, I love them all. The depth of characters, the descriptive text all of it draws me in and inspires me! When it comes to binge reading J.K Rowling is the queen!

Any Tana French novel. – I love gritty mystery novels with deeply developed characters. Tana French knows how to pull you into a character marked with flaws that poke holes in their strengths and make you fall in love with them. She weaves a plot that is layered and never reveals the ending until the appropriate time. I also love the Irish vernacular in her writing, hearing the dialect in my head, each character with its own voice narrating the story.

Memoirs  – Books Worth Reading Again

This is a genre that is especially near and dear to my heart. Any time I am looking for an authentic voice, I spend some time reading my favorite authors. I love the rhythm and cadence each brings to their work and it helps me unlock my own cadence when it is time to get writing!

Dirt by Mary Marantz – This book is impactful on so many levels. Mary has an uncanny ability to find beauty in the midst of heartbreak, and weave that into a story of redemption. Her storytelling style is filled with delicious phrases that make you want to finish the book in a single sitting!

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott – This woman is a genius with words. She is funny and earnest and above all honest. There is no question that these words are her own and they are a delight of wisdom and candor. If you are looking for advice on writing or just on life, this book is a must-read.

Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller – Donald Miller is known throughout the business world for his books on brand storytelling. But, did you know his first book was a memoir? It is a lovely read filled with little stories that weave together a portrait of a man filled with deep thoughts on life and spirituality. As someone with a complicated walk through Christianity, this has been a book that has shaped how I talk about my faith. I can’t recommend it enough!

Now, it’s your turn to play! Tell me your favorite books for inspiration and enjoyment! I am always looking to add to mylist!


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