February 1, 2018

Desert Engagement Session, Tucson Arizona | Kayt & Will

We met Kayt and Will at one of our favorite weddings last year when Samantha and Austin got married. We immediately fell in love with these two. They have an effortless friendship to them, laced with witty commentary and thoughtfulness for each other.

Kayt and Will met when their best friends introduced them at a party. All four were avid climbers so they went climbing often. If climbing a mountain together doesn’t build trust, I am not sure what will! These days they have traded frequent climbs for hiking, backpacking and adventuring. When Kayt was talking about their backpacking trips (which is a dream trip of mine!) she said that they jokingly referred to them as suffer-fests because of their difficulty, but then added, that looking back at them they only remember the awesome parts. I think that is where they joy lies though, in doing something hard that has great rewards; like the time they get to invest in just being together, away from distractions, soaking in beautiful views that are untouched by other people. Alone in the wilderness, just the two of them, hand in hand. (Annnnnd now, I really want to go for a long hike….)

We started out our session in the Downtown Mercado de San Agustin and took a walk through the surrounding neighborhood, before heading out to Gates Pass for the remainder of our time together. The weather was overcast and pretty chilly, but at the very end, the clouds parted and we had the tiniest sliver of sun to finish of their photos. I thoroughly enjoyed the way that they looked at each other, laughing and having fun with each other. They share that kind of love that we so enjoy celebrating…the kind that knits together through private jokes, comfortable silences, and a deep respect of each other.

With a wedding planned around celebrating their relationship with people that love them best, complete with craft beers, great food and lots of fun, this is weddings has all the elements we love best. We can’t wait to celebrate with these two this April.


Amber Lea & Jon

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