March 23, 2018

Disneyland Graduation Session | Elizabeth Class of 2018

We don’t often photograph seniors, but then, we don’t usually get a request for a Disneyland graduation session that we just can’t turn down! Meet Elizabeth, class of 2018 Pushridge Christian Academy, grad. Elizabeth has been our babysitter for the past two years, and we love her to bits. She plans to head up to Grand Canyon University in the fall, and we aren’t surprised she chose to pursue education for her major-kids flock to her, no doubt for her extensive knowledge of Disney trivia and ability to sing entire movie soundtracks.

Originally we planned on taking all our photos at Disneyland, but the light was so spectacular the day we went to California Adventure, it resulted in some of my favorite images! With Elizabeth’s love of Disney, our goal was to capture as many iconic elements as possible- this included documenting her favorite restaurant for a clam chowder bread bowl! Who can blame her? They are pretty spectacular. Our day at Disney was COLD and crowded! But you’d never know it from how happy Elizabeth was to visit her favorite spots. Did you guys know that fake proposals in front of the Castle are totally a thing? Every time my camera went up, someone went down on one knee to try and get into the frame. The whole thing cracked us up, and you can’t get mad because it is all in the spirit of Disney!

We clocked over nine miles at Disneyland that last day, running from one side of the park to the next to make sure we had the best light for each of the spots she wanted to have in her photos, and we still managed to get all of our favorite rides worked into the day as well!  After two days we were pretty beat for our drive home, but it was worth it to spend time with this young lady that we love so much. I am pretty sure that we’d be up for doing it again, so if any of you want to have a Disneyland graduate session of your own, hit us up!

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