September 29, 2016

Hannah & Jonathan [Agua Linda Farms, Amado, AZ Wedding]

Hannah and Jonathan got married at Agua Linda Farm, on one of the most picture perfect days the desert has ever offered. Temps were in the 70’s, golden hour that seemed to go on forever because the light was so delicious, moody clouds that ended the portrait hour with a rainbow….add in a couple that are so deeply in love, that had waited a long time to find each other, that were so emotionally connected that I (Amber) teared up more than once during their day, and you have one of the most meaningful weddings we have had the opportunity to share in.

From a hand drawn cartoon for her husband to be, to a wooden box filled with love notes from her husband to be opened on significant dates in their future, to hand made pastries on the table centers rather than florals, this wedding was filled with intimate touches that were so uniquely them. We loved the gorgeous cake that was custom designed by the bride, and flawlessly executed by Ambrosia Cakes, to the custom made dress by Karen Wu of Lace Bridal, and invitations created by designer, Seandean Anderson, this wedding was lovingly hand crafted by so many talented folks! My favorite part was the brunch themed reception dinner by Annette Hartman Catering, if you haven’t had her French toast casserole, you haven’t lived.

Hannah and Jonathan your wedding was everything we thought it would be: Christ-centered, joyful, thoughtful and intimate. You made us feel like part of the family and we loved being there with you! Jon and I are thankful to have had my dear friend Tina with Pure in Art shooting along side us. Having her there allowed Jon to do what he does best, serve our couple and photograph all the interactions that are happening behind the scenes. It was truly a wonderful day, doing what we love with people we love.

We can’t wait to see how God uses you Mr. & Mrs. Louie! Congratulations!


Amber Lea & Jon

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