August 30, 2016

Jennifer & Robert [A Travel Themed Bay Area Wedding at Willow Heights Mansion]

I am stumbling over about 100 different things I want to say about this weekend and struggling with where to start when it comes to describing two people as special as these two. Robert and I were dear friends in college, where we studied opera performance. We sang in the same choirs and operas which means that most of my college experience had his friendly face apart of it. From the moment we stepped on the wedding site, I saw Robert working behind the scenes, greeting newcomers, making sure all the details were taken care of that everyone’s needs were being met. I was immediately taken back to college, where I remembered Robert as being one of the kindest most thoughtful people in our circle of friends, and I was glad to see that hadn’t changed. I already knew I was going to love Jennifer because I had watched her through Robert’s eyes and I knew that she was the same kind and thoughtful person as he was.

These two met in Scotland (though they were both from San Jose) running a marathon for a charity organization that they were both a part of. Over drinks in a foreign country these two began to discover the depth of their shared interests and the rest was history. They chose to get married on the 4 year anniversary of completing an Iron Man together. If you are not familiar with the Iron Man events, they are a series of three races, a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and 26.6 mile run, completed in that order without stopping (thats 141 miles folks!). If that isn’t a metaphor for marriage and going the distance, I don’t know what is!

Robert proposed last year on a trip to France. There he bought her a bottle of Chanel which she wore on her wedding day. Every little detail was rich with significance and meaning to the two of them.

At the reception each table was named for one of the countries that Robert and Jen had travel to together, the wedding favors were treats from those countries. Upon entering the reception, guests were to find their passport telling which country they were to sit at. Guests were encouraged to visit and talk to the other tables, get a stamp upon their passport and trade candies with the tables that they visited. I have never seen a room full of wedding guest mingling and enjoying themselves as much as they were at this one! The “guest book” was a globe for guests to sign, and other little nods towards their adventurous natures were peppered throughout the day.

I can’t wait to see what new adventures await these two as they continue you through life together! Witnessing and preserving their union in photos was such honor! Jon and I are overwhelmed by their generosity as they gifted us with an extra day in the city to explore the redwoods and beaches together. We are so refreshed after our day together. Mr. & Mrs. McNamera, you are blessing!

Enjoy your married life together friends! Thank you for including us in your special day!


Amber Lea & Jon


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The Creative Team

Venue – Willow Heights Mansion   On Site Event Coordinator- Briane Wendt 

Florals- Delux + Design + Decor  Cake & Cuisine- The Grove

The gown- Allure Bridals   The Shoes- Betsy Johnson 

Hair – Studio O   Make Up- Elena Sh

Calligraphy – Victoria Von Schell

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