June 28, 2017

Jennifer & Robert [Mount Lemmon Maternity Session]

Our friends, Robert and Jennifer, made a trek out to Tucson (the brave souls! We are in the middle of heat wave!) and we were so excited to see them. Our last visit with them was back in August of last year when we went out to San Jose to photograph their wedding-you can check out their beautiful day HERE! This time, we got to see their little baby bump that Jen is sporting and we are over the moon to see these two become parents!

Seeing these guys over Father’s day weekend was a major highlight to our summer. I was thrilled when they let me convince them to trek up to my favorite spot in town, Windy Point, on Mount Lemmon. I wanted to prove to Jen that not all of Tucson was the same temperature as a blast furnace! It was lovely on the mountain and we were treated to that special desert light that was extra beautiful due to some lingering smoke from a small fire near by. Robert hadn’t planned on a photo session when they came out to visit, but since I wanted these memories for me as well as them, I talked him into a few shots with Jen. Jennifer, you are glowing and your quiet joy radiates from you. Motherhood suits you so well! Robert, I love seeing your eyes light up talking about your child. Your baby will know a very loyal and devout love and I am so happy he or she will have you for a dad!

Marriage is one  of the things we are big on. We love marriage and seeing two people who are perfectly suited to each other say “I do” to forever is one of our greatest joys. Following that joy is seeing our couples become parents. Friends, nothing says saying “I do” in the everyday like parenting, and these two are going to do an amazing job at it. They are already making very intentional decisions for their child and I admire the manner in which they are setting about the growth and well being of their family. We absolutely can’t wait to meet this little person and watch to see what kind of person they will become. I have no doubt they will be tender hearted like Jennifer,  logical and kind like Robert, thoughtful and generous like the two of them combined. They will be an animal lover, they wont have choice, it is like 95% of both Jennifer and Robert’s genetic make up! They will be beautiful, and not just in the physical sense, but because these two have two of the most beautiful souls I know and there is no way that won’t be shared with this child.

We love you guys! Thank you for sharing your visit with us! We can’t wait for the next time!


Amber Lea & Jon

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