October 25, 2016

Jessica & Aaron [A Sunrise in Sedona Engagement Session]

We kicked off our weekend of Sedona engagement sessions with a sunrise session with Jessica and Aaron. If you have followed along with us for awhile, you know that I (Amber) LOVE sunrise sessions. I was pretty excited to have my night owl of a business partner on board for shooting this session with me. Once Jon saw that glorious glow that is unique to early morning, he was sold!

These two are so special together. Joyful, and intimate, we loved getting to know more about this nurse and firefighter. Avid hikers, and outdoors people, they knew all the best trails, by the end of our session we were planning a hike together on Mt Lemmon for later next month. It was really fun getting to know their likes and interests. At one point, Jon turns to me and says, it is like they are a younger version of us! Sunrise sessions will leave you hungry, so we ended our time together having a leisurely brunch at the most delicious restaurant, Creekside Cafe and I am craving their breakfast as I type this! This session was so special to us and we are thrilled to be capturing your March wedding! I know it will be beautiful, intimate and joyful, just like the two of you!

Jessica and Aaron, thank you for being so amazing and willing to watch the sunrise with us! We are so honored to be capturing this special time in your lives!


Amber Lea & Jon


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  1. […] One week ago we were celebrating the marriage of Jessica and Aaron along with their family and friends at the amazing Stardance Event Center. Nestled in the desert landscape of Tucson, with city views, this place was the perfect backdrop for Aaron and Jessica’s rustic yet elegant wedding celebration. We have been looking forward to their wedding since we did their engagement session in Sedona last October (you can check that out HERE). […]

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