July 22, 2014

Jorg Family [Mount Lemmon Family Session]

This family is a permanent fixture in my childhood memories. Piano lessons, voice lessons, high school choirs, youth group, church camp….it is hard for me to find a pivotal memory that doesn’t have at least one member of the Jorg family in it! We met up in June for a session to capture all of them together and it was a blast. I loved catching up with everyone and meeting all the newest babies that have been added since I last saw everyone. You are blessed beyond measure to have such a close knit family! Thank you for letting me capture your family enjoying each other!

JorgFamily2014_152web Lori&Dan JorgFamily2014_174web Grandbabies JorgFamily2014_014web JorgFamily2014_110web JorgFamily2014_045web JorgFamily2014_062web JorgFamily2014_059web JorgFamily2014_048web Cassie&Zach JorgFamily2014_091web JorgFamily2014_086web Dave&Christina JorgFamily2014_021web Dani&Chip JorgFamily2014_188web JorgFamily2014_180web JorgFamily2014_196web JorgFamily2014_204web JorgFamily2014_211web Jamie&Dani Dave&Cassie JorgFamily2014_133_1web Kaylee&Brin JorgFamily2014_259web JorgFamily2014_143web

One last image just for fun! While I was taking pictures of the sisters, I noticed their big brother creeping through the grass to scare them. Wanting to see the end reaction from the sisters, I shot through his decent on the girls. As I was reviewing photos, I thought I’d try my hand at creating a gif, because this out of all the shots I took, shows that some things never change! It delighted my soul to see them just like I remembered them!


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