November 6, 2016

Kathleen & Celso [Mount Lemmon Engagement Session]

Friends, we have the sweetest couples ever and Kathleen and Celso are the perfect example of that! These two nurses met while working together in Texas before moving out here to Arizona. As a matter of fact, Celso was sent by their agency to pick Kathleen up from the airport when she arrived in Texas for work, and they have been hanging out together ever since!

We met up with them on Mount Lemmon this past Friday along with their beautiful golden retriever, Lovetrain.  You guys, it was actually cold on Friday! You’d never know how freezing we all were from how well they handled the dropping temps, but despite the cold I think these two enjoyed the extra snuggles to keep warm! We are so excited for their wedding at Skyline Country Club next month! It is one of my favorite venues in Tucson with it’s amazing sunset and city views! It will be the perfect back drop for these two adventurers!

Heather Van Houten with Heather Van Houten Makeup & Hair was, as always, flawless with Kathleen’s makeup! I can’t wait to see what she does with Kathleen at her wedding!

Kathleen & Celso, we are so excited to capture your day! We can see how ready you are to be married to each other and we can’t wait to be there to witness that with you!


Amber Lea & Jon

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  1. Monika bauer says:

    So beautiful I am so happy for you all

  2. Heriberto says:

    Awesome pic guys congratulations from Texas

  3. […] and how they called each other “baby”. Their engagement session (which you can view here) really highlighted their relationship where we loved meeting their gorgeous golden, Lovetrain. […]

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