June 29, 2016

Kristen & Peter [Vintage Themed Wedding at Pima Air & Space Museum]

When I first sat down with Kristen and Peter  to discuss their wedding I knew we were going to be in for a treat. Hand drawn calligraphy by Betsy Dunlap with water colored succulents for the invitations, a vintage gown from Free Ever After, succulent themed florals by Country Couture Flowers and a reception at Pima Air and Space Museum are some of our favorite details from their wedding day. Our most favorite detail of all was watching the two of them pledge forever to each other. This couple is so perfectly suited to each other and this wedding reflected that in every moment.

The girls started their wedding preparation at an amazing property nestled at the foot of the Catalinas, surrounded by gardens. There was a small artist studio with the most delicious light, where Kristen got dressed with just her mother in the room. I loved the intimacy of the giggles and laughter as they laced and buttoned Kristen into her dress, latching her grandmother’s pearls around her neck, a mother enjoying this moment with her only daughter.

The church ceremony surrounded by their friends and family ended just as an Arizona monsoon rolled in. We waited out the worst of it, pausing to take a few photos on the porch before braving the downpour to rush to the reception site (where in typical Tucson fashion was just humid without a single drop of rain!). We were gifted the most beautiful cotton candy colored sky for the last few minutes of our portrait time and it was perfect!

Kristen and Peter, we are so happy for you both! We know that God will bless your marriage and we look forward to watching you grow together as a couple!


Amber Lea & Jon

Ps. A special thanks to Anh with West End Photography for coming alongside and helping us out during the getting ready and ceremony photos! We loved working with you Anh!

Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_004 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_024 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_007 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_012 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_021 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_005 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_006 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_030 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_016 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_017 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_018 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_020 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_008 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_010 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_025 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_011 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_019 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_009 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_022 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_013 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_014 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_029 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_065 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_028 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_064 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_027 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_032 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_059 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_063 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_058 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_057 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_050 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_049 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_055 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_048 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_053 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_056 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_047 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_054 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_046 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_052 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_062 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_061 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_051 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_060 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_043 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_041 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_042 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_040 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_039 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_036 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_035 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_037 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_034 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_033 Vintage_Themed_Air_Plane_Hanger_Air&Space_Museum_Succulents_031

  1. Betsy Dunlap says:

    Beautiful, Amber! You have such a gift!

    • Amber Lea says:

      Thank you friend! I feel the same way about all the beauty you create! I can’t wait to collaborate again soon!

  2. Diane says:

    Oh, Amber you did such a great job on this wedding. I gasped numerous times looking through the album. I think Kristen is so glamorous and Peter handsome.

    • Amber Lea says:

      Thank you Diane! I am just in awe of Kristen’s natural beauty! Peter looked quite dapper as well! It was such a beautiful day! I loved getting to see you too even if it was just for a moment between photos!

  3. Chris dunlap says:

    Wow!!!! Just wow !!!
    Everything was beautiful!!!!

  4. Steve Rogness says:

    Beautiful. It makes me start to blubber all over again. Such a wonderful day- start to finish.
    I Love you,
    ……you too Peter 🙂

  5. Kelly Hackett says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!

  6. Kim Duplechian says:

    Beautiful memories forever! So glad we were able to share in your special day Kristen. Mrs Kim and Mr D.

  7. Annette says:

    You are the queen, Amber!

  8. Deborah Dittiger says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures .Thank you for doing such a good job of capturing all the special moments of that wonderful day!????

  9. Sandy Dittiger says:

    These pictures are beautiful! A wonderful way to capture a great day!

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