April 13, 2014

Krystal & Joe [an e-session that is close to home]

Meet Krystal and Joe. Krystal was the maid of honor at one of my 2013 weddings, and I am so excited to have my camera lens back on this beauty as one of my 2014 brides. These two have a wonderful love story, and I am thrilled to get to help them share it.

We started our session in their new home, in the kitchen where Joe proposed. We visited their favorite neighborhood haunts, and ended our session at Gates Pass, just a few minutes drive from their home. I love sessions like these-places that are meaningful to the couple, places where I get to see the real “them”.  After our time together, I am pretty giddy about their upcoming November wedding!

Love, joy, and blessings to you both!

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