June 9, 2017

Laura & Manny [Mount Lemmon and Windy Point Sunset Engagement Session]

Sometimes we just have to sit back and be amazed at how God works to bring new people into our lives. This Mount Lemmon engagement session began when Manny saw a photo of him and his fiancé from Jessica and Abdul‘s wedding that I photographed back in April. That conversation led to this engagement session just a couple weeks after our phone call….a phone call where we realized that I knew his brother, who was a coworker of Jon’s and had been a groomsmen in the wedding of my sister-in-law and her husband. And because Tucson is basically 6 degrees of separation from just about anyone, we quickly realized we had about 6 other friends in common!

We had one the loveliest evenings we’ve had yet this summer. The temps were cool and the breeze was just enough to tussle hair with that wind kissed look that makes everyone look like they are in a shampoo commercial. The light was showing off and we were treated to one of Arizona’s sunsets that start the softest pink, then deepens to a rich orange before settling into twilight blue. These two were absolutely amazing the entire session. Their connection was effortless and capturing the love they share was pure joy!

Thank you Manny and Laura for spending the evening with me. I absolutely LOVED every second of it!


Amber Lea 

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