November 2, 2016

Meg & David [ Sedona Engagement Session at Talquepaque]

The last of our Sedona engagement sessions from last week has a very special place in our heart. Meg and I met 12 years ago when we were both teaching at the same school. I was teaching fine arts and she was teaching math. We bonded as only teachers can over shared experiences with common students, long staff meetings and collaboriting over lesson planning. Meg was one of the first I told when I got engaged and the very first person at my school to learn I was pregnant with our first son. We celebrated her getting her master’s degree and her doctorate. She came to visit with the birth of each of our children. So many firsts have been shared with this girl!

Later, while she was a professor in Pensylvania, we shared texts and phone calls as she met David and their relationship grew. We knew it was going to go the distance when Meg’s dog Lance Armstrong liked him as much as he liked Meg! I loved hearing that David stepped in during the hard times and was quick to laugh in the good times. I loved seeing Meg happy. When she called with the news he had prosposed I could barely contain my happiness! We are so honored they asked us to capture their wedding. I will likely have to invest in some industrial strength water proof masacra, because there will be no holding back my tears of joy when these two tie the knot next year.

Meg and David love coffee, and especially love visiting local coffee shops, so we managed to hit two popular coffee spots in Sedona. Our favorite was most definitely Creekside Coffee where the view was just as good as the coffee. We wandered around Talquepaque’s shops and enjoyed their Spanish archetecture, and had a liesurely lunch together before heading out to take some photos with the red rocks of Sedona, because you can’t travel all that way and not stop to enjoy the iconic views Sedona offers!

Meg’s vintage engagement ring was made by her great-grandfather! It is so beautiful in person and I love that this marriage is going to be blessed with such a sentimental heirloom!


The best part of  this day was getting to see in person just how much David loves Meg. David, for years Meg and I  have prayed for you, laughed over all the ones who came before you, and cried together while waiting for you. I am so glad you are here to love and care for my best friend.

We love you guys!

Amber & Jon

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