September 27, 2014

Mindy & Rene [Corona Ranch Engagement Session]

These two. I knew within 10 minutes of meeting them, that if they didn’t choose me to be their photographer, I was going to have to figure out a way to get invited to their wedding. Mindy and Rene are my brand of fun! Fortunately for me, they felt the same and their engagement session just served to prove me right! I laughed so much my cheeks and sides hurt by the end of the session!

Tucson’s end of summer monsoons, brought our session to an early close, so be on the look out for part two later this fall! I can’t wait to see them again….I am sure I will enjoy another evening of laughing with these two lovebirds!

M&R Mindy&Rene_005web M&R1 Mindy&Rene_010web M&R2 Mindy&Rene_031web M&R3 M&R4 Mindy&Rene_037web M&R5M&R6 Mindy&Rene_061web M&R7 Mindy&Rene_078web M&R9 Mindy&Rene_080web Mindy&Rene_085web Mindy&Rene_086web M&R10 M&R11 Mindy&Rene_100web

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