July 12, 2014

Noah Daniel [Birth Center Water Birth]

Noah’s entrance in to this world was so quick I almost missed it! I made it to the Birth Center at 8:00 and he arrived just 20 minutes later! His mama was so calm, so focused. Noah was born in the water and I watched her reach down and catch her son. It was beautiful!

I adore birth. The struggle partnered with joy. The fierce beauty of a mother clutching her baby moments after birth. The collective sigh of those attending as the baby cries and settles against the mother. This is what I adore most about my job. These moments.

For Noah’s birth I was delighted to work with Jennifer Bultman of Light and Love Doula. I encourage you to take a look at her facebook page and consider having her support you at your next birth. I am tempted to have another baby just to have her there!

Congratulations Chirstine and David! Noah is perfect and I was so blessed to join you at his arrival. Noah, thanks for giving me enough time to get there before you showed up!

God bless your precious family!


Amber Lea

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  1. Kate says:

    Amazing pictures of Noah’s birth. made me cry. I am so happy for this family! There is one picture of Jeremiah that is soooo good. I love them all.

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