August 23, 2016

Samantha & Drew [Downtown Scottsdale Couple’s Session]

This weekend was just amazing! Samantha and Drew were up for a little adventure so we headed up to Scottsdale with plans of hitting the foothills surrounding downtown for some desert-y goodness. Those late evening summer monsoons had a different idea and we made the last minute decision to stick to the urban back drop where we could take cover from the rain and shoot for as long as possible! We might have had our session cut short because of the rain, but we definitely aren’t short on gorgeous images of these two love birds! We even found a little “urban desert” to get in our cactus fix!

I am so thankful for this time getting to know these two a little better! It was so good to laugh with them as we dodged the rain and explored together. Joyful couples in love is totally our favorite kind of session! Thanks guys for being so awesome and flexible with our session together!


Ps. Friends of Drew and Samantha…You might spot a little sparkly gem on Sam’s finger. As much as it makes my heart pitter patter to see it there, it is just a prop for now! Drew and Sam agreed to wear it so that we can use some of these images in a special project I am working on for my brides and grooms!



Scottsdale_Engagement_Downtown_Urban_Pink_Dress_Suit_01 2016-08-22_0021 2016-08-22_0023 Scottsdale_Engagement_Downtown_Urban_Pink_Dress_Suit_27 Scottsdale_Engagement_Downtown_Urban_Pink_Dress_Suit_16 Scottsdale_Engagement_Downtown_Urban_Pink_Dress_Suit_13 Scottsdale_Engagement_Downtown_Urban_Pink_Dress_Suit_17 2016-08-22_0022 Scottsdale_Engagement_Downtown_Urban_Pink_Dress_Suit_10 Scottsdale_Engagement_Downtown_Urban_Pink_Dress_Suit_22 Scottsdale_Engagement_Downtown_Urban_Pink_Dress_Suit_09 Scottsdale_Engagement_Downtown_Urban_Pink_Dress_Suit_06 Scottsdale_Engagement_Downtown_Urban_Pink_Dress_Suit_07 Scottsdale_Engagement_Downtown_Urban_Pink_Dress_Suit_21 Scottsdale_Engagement_Downtown_Urban_Pink_Dress_Suit_23 Scottsdale_Engagement_Downtown_Urban_Pink_Dress_Suit_19 Scottsdale_Engagement_Downtown_Urban_Pink_Dress_Suit_15 Scottsdale_Engagement_Downtown_Urban_Pink_Dress_Suit_05 Scottsdale_Engagement_Downtown_Urban_Pink_Dress_Suit_04 Scottsdale_Engagement_Downtown_Urban_Pink_Dress_Suit_18 Scottsdale_Engagement_Downtown_Urban_Pink_Dress_Suit_03

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