July 24, 2014

Scott & Amanda [Married – Hotel Congress, Downtown Tucson]

Sometimes you get to meet couples that are so well suited to each other, you find yourself tearing up as they read the vows they wrote to each other. Sometimes these kinds of people have the sort of friends that make you feel like you are part of the party yourself and you find your self laughing and dancing along with them throughout the night.  These are be best kinds of weddings.

Scott and Amanda were surrounded by some of the most loyal, funny, thoughtful and kind people I have ever met in a wedding party. What a joyful evening I had sharing in their love. There were words exchanged that were achingly beautiful, there was laughter and joy.   Choreographed dancing and Journey songs played where the entire room stopped to sing along. It was perfect.

A big, fat, squishy, thank you to Luke Bultman Photography for shooting with me. The awesome photos of the fellas getting ready and sharing a beer are from him, and I am a little sad they aren’t my own! Thanks Luke!

Blessings to you both! I loved celebrating with you!


Amber Lea

Amanda wedding dress IMG_2482web Amanda4 Amanda5 IMG_2575web IMG_2525web Amanda&Scott6 Scott IMG_2653web Firstlook IMG_2667web IMG_2677web DSC_0137webDSC_0173webIMG_2724web IMG_2793web Scott2 Amanda3 IMG_2851-2web Scott&Amanda2 IMG_2835web IMG_2820web DSC_0238web IMG_2812web IMG_3260web IMG_3302web Ceremony IMG_3137web IMG_3148web IMG_3168web IMG_3228web Reception cake IMG_3590web Scott&Amanda IMG_3420web IMG_3510web

Scott&Amanda1 IMG_4038web IMG_4064web


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