November 16, 2016

Susie & Austin [Mount Lemmon Maternity Session at Windy Point]

Friends, I am even more excited than usual about this maternity session, because inside this beautiful mama’s belly is my precious niece Evaline. Susie is one of my favorite people ever because of her immense capacity to love people through serving them. She is the first to wish you happy birthday, the one to make sure your day is celebrated properly (one year she learned I didn’t have anything planned for my birthday so she pulled together a surprise birthday party complete with streamers and a cake). Susie is the first to say “yes” when you need help. When we first met Austin, the thing we loved most about him was how he was just as quick to love and support Susie as she was to love and support all of us.

Susie’s favorite holiday is Christmas, and with Evaline due to arrive the week before Christmas, we decided to head up to Mount Lemmon to catch some wintery photos in the pine trees (as wintery as we can get here in the desert!) I just love these two together and while I have photographed them many times at family events, this was my first time having them alone together in front of my camera. I loved every second of seeing Austin light up about being father, Susie giggling with Evaline’s kicks and listening to them dream about what their little family will be like once she arrives. The camera gives me an intimate look into people’s interactions and it is an honor that I don’t take lightly!

Susie and Austin, we are so blessed to call you family, but now were are even more excited to call you parents! We love you three so much!


Auntie Amber & Uncle Jon

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  1. Oh these make me miss Tucson and Mt. Lemmon! Beautiful portraits!!!

  2. Nikki says:

    Beautiful pictures and a beautiful mama! ❤️

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