September 27, 2016

The Halko Family [Bear Canyon Family Session]

Friends, can you believe this weather we have had this weekend?! If these cool temps don’t make you want to break out the boots, scarves and pumpkin spice, then I don’t know what will! It is hard to believe that last weekend we were lamenting that it was hotter than we had hopped for as we made our way to my favorite fall photo spot for the Halko’s family photo session! I have known Gabe for around 20 years, meeting in college and studying music together. I have some delightful memories of all night study sessions with our group of friends, fueled by coffee and laughter. It was such a joy to see Gabe with her handsome husband an beautiful children. These two met serving in social services together, which didn’t surprise me one bit since Gabe has always had  a huge servant’s heart. Gabe and David spent the early years of their marriage traveling and exploring together. I could see they were passing on their adventurous spirits to their children as we chased tiny frogs and investigated the mud at the banks of the stream.

I don’t get to do many family sessions, but when I do, I am always reminded how important they are to me. There is something magical about seeing two people coming together to build a family and foster these tiny humans into adulthood. Gabe and David, you are killing it at this parenting gig. Your children are so charming and I just adored our time together!


Amber Lea


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