February 3, 2018

Tucson Family Lifestyle Session | Bultman Family

We don’t often have the opportunity to photograph families with our wedding schedule, but when the photographer who first taught you how to use your camera in manual and find delicious pockets of light asks you to photograph his family, the answer has to be yes!

These people are precious to me for many reasons. From Luke being my biggest cheerleader and coach in the early days of my photography business to Jen and I sharing mothering laughs, the occasional tears, and lots of meals over the years; many of my fondest memories are laced with this family in them. This final boy in the Bultman family is so loved. Seriously, I think 80% of these images of that boy being kissed. And just look at him! Wouldn’t you be kissing him too?

My dear, precious friends. Seeing the joy this baby has brought to your family warms my heart! I can’t wait to watch him grow, chase after his brothers, and, without a doubt, make us laugh with his share of Bultmanisms!

We love you guys!


Amber & Jon


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