September 20, 2017

Victorya & Gabe [Mountain Top Engagement Session on Mount Lemmon]

“We believe in a love that withstands time and trends.” We have been sharing our core beliefs over on Instagram and the website for sometime, but meeting this couple really put this into perspective. Victorya and Gabe don’t have many memories that don’t include each other. Growing up together, their love has had years to grow into something truly beautiful. When a couple has not 1, but 3 proms together, the relationship bar gets raised a few notches. They have an easy comfort together, you know, the kind of comfort that shows that they are home when they are with each other.

Early this summer, Gabe bought two tickets and took Victorya skydiving. Down on the ground, his friends, family and future father in law, were tacking down a huge sign for Victorya to see as she came in from her jump, asking her to marry him. If jumping out of a plane together doesn’t say you are ready for forever with someone, then I don’t know what does! Their laid back and adventurous spirits set the tone for our time together and it was absolutely one of the most charming evenings I have spent with a couple. Genuine laughter and joy just poured from the two of them as they talked about their future and their plans for their backyard wedding. Can you believe these two tried to tell me they weren’t photogenic? Later, as they were clearly killing it at their session, I teasingly said, “You guys are naturals at this, are you sure you haven’t done this before?” Victorya  responded with, “No, but I do spend a lot of time on Pinterest!” So friends, be sure to pin these photos, because their style + ease of being together is going to fill someone’s dream engagement board for sure!

Thank you Gabe and Victorya for spending time with us and letting us capture the love you share. We can’t wait to see how God uses and grows your relationship!


Amber Lea (&Jon)


Amber Lea Photography Tucson Engagement Session


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