We don’t often photograph seniors, but then, we don’t usually get a request for a Disneyland graduation session that we just can’t turn down! Meet Elizabeth, class of 2018 Pushridge Christian Academy, grad. Elizabeth has been our babysitter for the past two years, and we love her to bits. She plans to head up to […]

As wedding photographers, Jon and I love a day that is dedicated to saying “I love you” to those you care about, so we are fans of Valentine’s Day, but, more than Valentine’s Day, we are fans of saying, “I love you” in the every day. Last year our family decided to take a year […]

Back in October, Jon and I attended United, a wonderful conference for creatives held in Phoenix, Arizona. One of the keynote speakers was Mary Marantz, who along with her husband Justin, lead the wedding photography industry as role models, teachers and speakers. If you are a wedding photographer, their name is not new to you. […]

Last weekend, Jon was on travel and I had settled into the restless state I get into when I don’t have his presence in the house. Unable to sleep I started looking through our wedding album. Aside from the photos we have hung on our walls, I rarely look through our album as we put it […]

If you are in the wedding industry, chances are you have heard of Amy&Jordan, the sweetest husband and wife team this side of the Mississippi. Last month Jon and I had the opportunity to to sit down with Amy and Jordan Demos for a full day of business mentoring. The story doesn’t really start there though. […]



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